Calculate Your Potential Timber Profits

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Do you need to know how much timber you have available? Call on Tuskaloosa Forestry Services, LLC to arrange for a timber appraisal. Our crew can evaluate your land and tell you exactly how much timber you have. We can break it down by different tree species and let you know how much your timber is worth on the market.

Get timber appraisal services by calling 205-345-0000 right away. Our specialists use the latest GIS and GPS technologies to evaluate your property.

Find out what a timber appraisal can do for you

Find out what a timber appraisal can do for you

Call Tuskaloosa Forestry Services for your timber appraisal. You can trust us to present you with accurate numbers. Our timber appraisal services can help you:

  • Plan your taxes
  • Develop a sales plan
  • Estate Planning¬†

Contact us today with any questions about our timber appraisal services.