Alabama & Mississippi's Timber Management Specialists

Hire an experienced forest service company

Tuskaloosa Forestry Services, LLC provides forest and timber management services to our clients in Tuscaloosa, AL and surrounding areas, as well as in Mississippi. Our forest service company can assist you with everything from wildlife habitat improvement to custom timber harvesting. We maintain contracts with local wood purchasing companies and logging crews, which allows us to stay on top of timber market prices, appraise forests accurately and harvest timber quickly. Trust us to handle all of your forestry and timber-related needs.

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What can Tuskaloosa Forestry Services do for you?

Tuskaloosa Forestry Services can help with:

  • Reforestation
  • Wildlife habitat improvement
  • Forest and timber management
  • Timber appraisal and harvesting
  • GIS and GPS mapping
  • Controlled burning

Contact us today to get started on your timber appraisal, controlled burn or reforestation project. We can handle everything from planting trees to developing lump sum timber sales plans.

See why customer prefer working with Tuskaloosa Forestry Services

Tuskaloosa Forestry Services utilizes GIS mapping technology to assist with controlled burns and wildlife habitat improvement projects. Customers appreciate our work because:

  • We have over 33 years of forest management experience
  • We maintain contracts with local wood purchasing companies
  • We offer consulting and harvesting services
  • We work in Alabama and Mississippi

Reach out today to learn more about our forest service company. We can answer all of your questions about reforestation and custom timber harvesting.